7 Most Haunted Places in Bangalore to Celebrate the Strange and the Unknown

Bangalore, the electronic city of India, is a cherishable destination for many aspiring youths, seeking to carve a niche in the big, wide world. However, alongside its promising aspects, rests several creepy zones and places that can be best assigned as being “haunted”. This article attempts to explore those forbidden territories in and around Bangalore and accordingly, pertains chiefly to the lion hearted ones to embark upon a thrilling escapade into a land of spirits and ghosts. The faint hearted are also invited but at their own risk.

Most Haunted Places in Bangalore

Kempegowda International Airport

Kempegowda International Airport in Bangalore

Breeze into this international airport to capture an image of the legendary “lady in white”, an unknown apparition, who back in 2008, is known to have caused substantial trauma to working pilots, ground staff and even taxi drivers. The local story goes that a lady draped in white was spotted on the runway, but when measures were taken to pick her, she astoundingly vanished! Interestingly, she was also found to hover at the cargo bay, escalator and parking bay. Though such unusual sights have never been encountered since that fateful day, the unsolved riddle in itself is an inescapable invitation. Isn’t it?

Terra Vera, St. Marks Road

Bangalore Terra Vera House St Marks Road

Most of us are familiar with this recurring scene of horror movies – sounds of someone playing an old piano coming from a deserted house, but there is no one within! Well, this mansion on your way to Brigade Road may offer you an opportunity of experiencing one in reality. The colonial house was built in 1943 by a person known as Ej Vaj for his two daughters, Dolce and Vera. However, in 2002, an unidentified attacker stabbed Dolce to death, thereby prompting a bereaved Vera to move out swiftly. Since then, people living nearby have witnessed strange paranormal occurrences such as the discovery of headless statues belonging to Jesus and Mary, an inverted cross and exceedingly eerie musical strains of a piano from inside the house. At present, the building has been demolished, but that surely doesn’t stop the ominous being from paying unexpected visits.

Kalpalli Cemetery

Kalpalli Cemetery Bangalore

If other places disappoint you, this original resting ground of dwellers of the other world is sure of not letting you leave without undergoing authentic adventures. So, do not shriek out of shock, if you notice a man lurking near the graves or make out unfathomable forms taking a stroll. Someone may heave a sigh on your trembling shoulder or watch you persistently, but take care not to yell; night guards can hardly help you, since they no longer stay as soon as darkness prevails.

Victoria Hospital

Victoria Hospital Bangalore

Here, at last, we have a less terrifying ghost. Haunting the premises of a century old Victoria Hospital near City Market, this uncanny figure, again in white, is believed to steal food packets of visitors! According to local stories, it belongs to a woman, who died years back in the hospital. A promising tip to ghost searchers: take with you sufficient packets of biryani and also a flask of steaming tea – the supposed woman is bound to meet you in person.

Call Centre, M.G Road

M.G Road Call Centre in Bangalore

This one contains the right ingredients for a prospective, scary story: night shift at a call center, a desolate highway, drunken driving and a young woman. Now, there are numerous variations of the popular tale woven; some say that a woman died screaming after being attacked and left by a groggy man, while some report of her being involved in drunken driving as well. Whatever the case, people post the unfortunate event have heard someone wailing at the same spot on the very night, every year!

NH 4

NH 4 Bangalore

Driving alone along extensive highways amidst the deathly silence of night may be rather unnerving. What if out of nowhere, a pretty girl asks for a lift? Sounds exciting? Well, better put your wild musings on a leash, especially, if the concerned highway is NH4. As per local lore, a girl asked a man for a lift, but when the man turned to ask her where she was headed, he was puzzled to find that she had left. He had his worst nightmare come alive when the girl reappeared again, only to laugh and make fun of him this time. The poor man escaped by leaving his car and running, but he hit a compound wall and was severely wounded.


Whitefield Bangalore

You wouldn’t normally associate a booming suburb with creepy happenings. Would you? Well, reports of a strange incident at a polished residential area of Whitefield would undeniably leave you aghast. People have heard a woman crying, and interestingly, she has been heard not once, but often. Beware!

In olden days, when there were fewer people, buildings, and vehicles, when life was easy and relaxed, it was rather common to encounter spirits or if put in another way, unearthly beings found it easier to make unexpected appearances. But today, most open spaces are occupied by tall buildings, thereby making it next to impossible for them to settle in peace. Still, these places near Bangalore are reputable haunts and in one way or the other, you are sure to be welcomed by them. What are you waiting for?

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