11 of the Best Street Foods in Ahmedabad

The moment someone mentions of Gujarat to you, all that comes to your mind at an instant is dhoklas, khakras, and theplas. Yes, you do get all these and much more in every city of Gujarat, and Ahmedabad, the state’s former capital, is by no means behind in offering an array of mouth-watering delicacies. The areas around Law Garden, Manek Chowk, and Vastrapur are regarded as popular street food hubs. Here is a list of the top street foods that Ahmedabad boasts of.Street Food in Ahmedabad

Khakra – A Crispy Cracker

Khakra Street Food in Ahmedabad

An immensely sought after snack especially among the Jain population who strictly follow a no-garlic, no-onion diet, khakra is a nutritious, crunchy, cracker prepared from wheat flour, mat bean, and oil. You can eat it just as a wafer along with a powdery dip, top it with veggies or even team it with hot tea.

Varieties: Plain khakra; Methi (fenugreek) khakra;
Masala khakra; Pudina (mint) khakra

Best places to get it:

Induben Khakhrawala, Navrangpura

Approximate cost:

Rs 80 (500 grams of plain khakra)

Khaman Dhokla – A Spicy Cake

Khaman Dhokla Best Street Food in Ahmedabad

A staple food in almost all Gujarati households, khaman, having a spongy, fluffy taste, is made using gram flour. A mint or coriander dip along with green chilies complements this snack the best. Dhokla is also a close cousin of khaman but has rice and chickpeas as its ingredient as well as a less fluffy texture.

Varieties: Plain khaman; Black pepper khaman; Sev khaman (made from khaman where the pieces are not whole but partially shredded and topped with sev and dips); Tam-tam khaman (tomato flavored).

Best places to get it:

Swati Snacks, Ellis Bridge; Pooja Dhokla Shoppe, Gurukul; Das Khaman, Navrangpura

Approximate cost:

Rs 50 to 100 per plate (depending on the variety you have)

Thepla – Gujarat’s Special Flatbread

Thepla Famous Street Food in Ahmedabad

Mostly eaten in the mornings or late afternoons, thepla is a soft flatbread having wheat flour, gram flour, and fenugreek leaves as its main ingredients. The best part of this snack is that it retains its freshness for about 3 to 4 days since its preparation without preservatives. Curds, pickles or dips often serve as accompaniments.

Best places to get it:

Tea Post, Prahlad Nagar; Chai Wai, Vastrapur; Somnath Thal; Prahlad Nagar

Approximate cost:

Rs 25 to 30 (3 pieces)

Khandvi – Soft Yellow Rolls

Khandvi Gujarati Street Food in Ahmedabad

One of Gujarat’s trademark dishes, it is also popular in Maharashtra where it is called Suralichi Vadi or Patuli. Prepared from a gram flour batter, khandvis are soft, yellow, cylindrical-shaped rolls often garnished with mustard seeds, grated coconut, and coriander leaves, melting in your mouth the moment you bite it. A dip of mint or garlic enhances its taste further.

Best places to get it:

Swati Snacks, Law Garden; shops at Trade Center, Naurang Road;

Approximate cost:

Rs 15 to 20 per piece

Dal Vada – A Fried Lentil Snack

Dal Vada Good Street Food in Ahmedabad

Dal vada is a crispy fritter made from moong dal (mung bean), alongside chilies, coriander leaves and onions. A perfect evening snack, you can team it with green chilies and a mint dip or even a steaming cup of tea. Besides dal vada, the streets of Ahmedabad also provides for other lip-smacking fritters like methin gota (batter of gram flour and methi or fenugreek leaves), and bread pakoda (bread dipped a mixture of flour).

Best places to get it:

Ambica Dalwada Centre, adjacent to HL Commerce College; New Gujarat Dalvada, Ellis Bridge; Astodia Jalebi & Dalvada, Astodia; Vijay Ratlami Dalwada Centre, Maninagar

Approximate cost:

Rs 35 to 40 per plate

Handvo – A Vegetable Cheese Cake

Handvo Popular Street Food in Ahmedabad

Mostly made from a stuffing of bottle gourd, it also has cauliflower, peas, potatoes, and carrots as its ingredients. Crushed peanuts are added at times to enrich its taste. Dips of mango, coriander, and chilies are used as a garnish.

Best places to get it:

Swati Snacks, Law Garden; Sasuji, C.G Road

Approximate cost:

Rs 45 to 60

Jalebi Fafda – A Sweet and Salty Combo

Jalebi Fafda Veg Street Food in Ahmedabad

Jalebi fafda is a traditional snack eaten mostly during festivals. While fafda is a fried snack prepared with gram flour, carom seeds, and turmeric, jalebi is a sugary desert having a spiral shape. Sambhariyo (fusion prepared by frying papaya, carrots and cabbage) or a papaya dip is often served with this dish.

Best places to get it:

Oshwal, Ashram Road; Chandra Villas Restaurant, Kalupur; Rasranjan House, Navrangpura

Approximate cost:

Rs 50 to 60

Pizza – In a Gujarati Style

Pizza Street Food Ahmedabad

On your visit to Ahmedabad never forget to try out this special kind of pizza the city dishes out for you. Having a smaller base than the regular pizza with a relatively sweet taste, it is crunchy and thick, topped with plenty of cheese.

Varieties: Italian Pizza; Jain Pizza; Plain Cheese Pizza; Cheese Baked Pizza; Capsicum Onion Pizza

Best places to get it:

Jashuben Shah Old Pizza, Ambavadi; Manek Sandwich & Pizza, Manek Chowk

Approximate cost:

Rs 80 -90

Bun Maska – A Bun-Butter Fiesta

Bun Maska Mumbai Street Food in Ahmedabad

If you are looking for a quick and inexpensive breakfast option, then bun maska would be apt for you. It comprises of soft, sweet buns that are smeared with a layer of butter or even jam. Sold in most roadside stalls, it would be incomplete without a hot cup of tea.

Best places to get it:

Varie Tea, Prahladnagar; Lucky Tea Shop, near City C.U.Shah Commerce College

Approximate cost:

Rs 25 to 50

Surti Egg Ghotala – A Mashed Egg Preparation

Surti Egg Ghotala Street Non Veg Food in Ahmedabad

Made with boiled and half-fried eggs, alongside vegetables and aromatic spices, this dish attains its name from Surat where it is immensely popular. Sliced buns would be a perfect choice to eat with it.

Best places to get it:

R.K. Egg Eatery, Vastrapur

Approximate cost:

Rs 80 to 100

Aloo Poha – A Perfect Breakfast Dish

Aloo Poha Morning Street Food in Ahmedabad

Prepared with flat rice, and potatoes, poha is a popular breakfast dish in Ahmedabad and can be found in many street side stalls in the early hours of morning. Topped with onions, coriander leaves, chilies, and sev (crunchy snack), a dash of lemon when added makes it even tastier.

Best places to get it:

Stalls at Law Garden; Balaji Poha House, Satellite, Ahmedabad

Approximate cost:

Rs 30 to 40 per plate

Apart from the names you see above, Ahmedabad has much more to offer including an array of spicy chaats (savory snack), various flavor of paranthas (fried flatbread), and gol gappas. You may also get a taste of Mumbai in some of the stalls that would delight you with the Ahmedabadi version of dabeli pav and misal pav. The concept of food trucks have recently evolved in Ahmedabad with these mobile vans serving a sumptuous spread of burgers, sandwich, smoothies, ice creams, fries, patty, salads and also a host of chicken dishes.  If you are a fan of biryani and kebabs then Bhathiyar Galli (located in the old city area) would certainly not disappoint you.


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